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Each piece has a meaning & intention, adornment that gives you that feeling of Joy & Happiness.

Jewelry that tells your story


Feel the gleeful vibes with jewelry that radiates your inner sparkle

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Every Purchase Gives Back

At Sati Gems Hawaii, we prioritize giving back and assisting others both locally and globally, thanks to your support.

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Jewelry That Will Inspire You

As a certified crystal energy worker and Graduate Gemologist, I offer high-quality authentic gemstone and crystal jewelry infused with healing energy, serving as a tool to support you on your journey.
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Giving Back

Here at Sati Gems Hawaii we are huge believers in giving back and helping others locally & globally and it's because of you that we can do this

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What Matters Most

Is that you are receiving a piece of jewelry that's unique as you are and fills you with joy and love to assist you with whatever it is you need for balance in you life.


Not only beautiful

Our jewelry is produced in the most environmentally, socially, and culturally responsible way possible and to make it positively meaningful for those who wear it.

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