Island Life

To explore the islands of Hawaii is to be inspired by every aspect of the stunning natural environment, making each day one of meaning, gratitude, and celebration.
Our Island Life collection taps into unique aspects of island life that make it so fulfilling and awe-invoking. In this collection, we give tribute to tropical beauty in the form of elements, like the moon, stars, leaves, flowers, fruits, and bamboo. We share with the wearers of Island Life the simple beauty of Hawaii’s flora and mythology and some of their rich cultural metaphors.
Hina, Hawaii’s moon goddess is depicted in legends as both feminine and full of strength and determination, inspiring young ladies of the islands to pursue their dreams with conviction. She is a creator, mother and fiercely protective of those she holds dear. Hoku or stars are not simply appreciated for their sprinkling of electrifying beauty across a balmy night sky, but for their navigational guidance on any significant seafaring journey.
Bamboo or ‘ohe, in Hawaiian, was one of the first plants brought to the Islands by early Polynesian voyagers as an important tool for irrigation. But its versatility made it also useful in other practical and artistic ways, like as an ‘ohe hano ihu or a flute played by the nose to serenade a lover.
Our Island Life collection is designed to awaken in its wearer an appreciation for these background attributes, whether to channel feminine strength, guidance, and protection on a physical or inner journey, love and passion, or creativity and beauty.