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Meaningful Moments

Each piece of jewelry from Sati Gems is carefully crafted to embody the essence of mindfulness and is named after the Sanskrit word for "mindfulness". Jewelry that is designed for you, the wearer to connect with times and moments in your life, allowing you to find the mindfulness and awareness in the present moment.

Sizing Chart


Bracelets are meant to be worn differently. Some people prefer tighter while others prefer looser. Choose a size that's best for you 

How to Measure 

How to measure your wrist? Wrap your wrist SNUGLY with a sewing measuring tape or thin strip of paper/ribbon, mark the length, and then measure the marked length against a measuring tape or ruler. Measure snugly with absolutely NO wiggle room. This is your wrist measurement. 

STEP 2:  Add an appropriate length to the bracelet for the best fit. Please note lengths below:

- For a "Tight" fit:  Add 1/4" to 1/2" to your wrist size

- For a "Just Right" fit:  Add 3/4" to 1"

- For a "Relaxed" fit:  Add 1 1/4"

For instance: If your wrist measures between 6.25"-6.75" then you would wear our Medium size bracelet. 

Our bracelets are designed to move freely around the wrist and should NOT be tight on the wrist. 

Medium is our MOST COMMON bracelet size .

 For necklaces if you are drawn to a particular necklace and you don't see the length that you need just let us know.  

If you need help finding the perfect size just shoot us a message :) TEXT US 808-291-2172 or email



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