Stretchy Mana bracelets made with a mix of gemstones,crystals,pearls,gold filled and sterling silver charms sati-gems-hawaii

Mana Healing Bracelets

Mana translates to mean power, but the native Hawaiian concept of power doesn’t equate to material possessions. Mana is life energy that flows through all things and is highly individual: you have a chance to gain or lose mana in everything you do. Mana is healing spiritual energy, the power within. 

Each creation is blessed with the lustrous energy of the Hawaiian Islands and is infused with healing properties. Each gemstone and pearl is carefully selected and ethically sourced, and placed to create balance, protection, abundance, power, and joy for the receiver.

Wear these Mana Bracelets to connect you to nature and something deeper 

Due to the handmade nature, length and shape may vary slightly, and Because we use natural gemstones, the stones may vary in shape, size, and color.

Made with Love & Aloha

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