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Happy Lotus

Once upon a time, as all fairy tales begin, there sprouted from a muddy pond a vision of delicate beauty, captivating in scent, color, texture and design. Well, this is no fairy tale. Lotuses, which have for centuries been the muse for artists’ paintbrushes, Buddhist philosophers, poetry, fine cuisine and ancient medicines, grow their tall green stalks topped with pink, white, purple and blue corollas from muddy banks. The lotus is a symbol for elevating the mind and embracing beauty in light of the mundane. We created our Happy Lotus collection while bearing in mind the concept of purity of self. In this modern world with its modern maladies, the lotus represents letting unnecessary mind clutter and worry roll off you, like dew drops on a petal. Own a piece from our Happy Lotus collection and be inspired to be your own happy lotus. 

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