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Healing Pearls-Jewels of The Ocean

Healing Pearls Jewels of The Ocean

Pearls have been a symbol of integrity, purity, prosperity, and grace.

Ever wonder where pearls come from and what makes them so desirable?

Few Gems Possess the History and the romance of pearls. Officially the world’s oldest gem, pearls have been revered since long before written history. Pearls were presented as gifts to Chinese royalty as early as 2300 BC, while in ancient Rome, pearl jewelry was considered the ultimate status symbol. Ancient Greeks claimed pearls brought happiness in marriage.

The perfect partnership between nature and chance. Within the oyster, a thin tissue called the mantle. When a tiny foreign object becomes trapped in the oyster, the object is coated with layers of a smooth, crystalline substance known as nacre. With this natural response, it produces the luminescent gems we know as pearls. This is what makes every pearl is unique.

Pearls can be found, or cultivated, in freshwater or saltwater and there are several different types of pearls depending on what mollusk (oyster) they originate from. Freshwater cultured pearls are produced mainly in China and, due to their abundance, they are more affordable than their saltwater cousins. Saltwater pearls include the Akoya as well as Tahitian pearls, which originate from Tahiti and other islands in French Polynesia. South Sea pearls hail from Australia and Indonesia.

Here at Sati Gems Hawaii we take care and pride in using a mix of these pearls in our jewelry pieces and guarantee that the pearls are excellent quality. Check out some of our unique pearl jewelry pieces 

 The Healing aspects of pearls bring a sense of inner strength, signifies faith, charity, innocence, and emotional peace. Positive emotions are easier to embrace, while negative emotions become soothed. Pearls are also the Birthstone for June Let's celebrate all the June Babies! With the timeless wardrobe staple, pearl. 

Cleaning and care of your pearls so that they will last a lifetime. You can gently wipe your pearls with a damp cloth. Pearls should not be exposed to, perfumes, cosmetics, perspiration, and household chemicals. Here at Sati Gems Hawaii, we encourage you to have your pearls cleaned and restored, we will gladly take care of restringing, changing a clasp or any other service you require for you Sati Gems Hawaii jewelry.

Living in Hawaii on the beautiful island of Oahu in a small town on the windward side, Kailua, surrounded by the gorgeous soothing ocean, I am always reminded of where pearls originate from. The cooling effect that pearls have made them the perfect jewelry to wear in the summer. 

As a Graduate Gemologist and a certified pearl specialist if you have any questions regarding pearls please feel free to contact me.  


Aloha & Mahalo 

Liza Lalita Lee G.G. 

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