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May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii



In the state of Hawaii, May Day is Lei Day. Each year, May 1st marks Hawaii’s nationally-recognized Lei Day — an annual tribute to a culturally iconic symbol. 

Celebrated by locals in Hawaii and dressed in Aloha attire, the custom honors the state’s flowers in the making, wearing and giving of the lei. 

The giving and receiving of a lei is a common tradition throughout Polynesia. Original Hawaiian settlers carried this custom to the Hawaiian islands. In ancient Hawaiian times, commoners and chiefs of all genders wore lei. 

In modern practice, men and women continue to wear and exchange leis on special occasions like graduations, funerals, birthdays, and weddings. 

Although commonly made from flowers, leis are often made with leaves, nuts, shells, feathers, or ribbon.

If you’ve ever received a flower lei, you may have felt something bigger than a long-lived tradition. The sweet smell clings like the best perfume, covering you in a delightful aroma of the flowers you wear. 

Hawaiian people have been making and giving Leis as tokens of friendship and love, warmth, and friendliness. These are contagious feelings and are always associated with the desire to give. 

It’s a sweet reminder that we can always give. Give of ourselves in the simplest of ways. And give kindness to show our appreciation. 



The lei is the symbol of love and friendship in the Hawaiian culture. And this spirit is affectionately called ‘Lei’. 

Here at Sati Gems Hawaii when I'm making a necklace I think of it as a Lei, a string, and a prayer.

Make a Lei for someone you love and care for or make one for yourself

Aloha and Happy Lei Day from Sati Gems Hawaii 


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