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Faith & Symbols

Faith & Symbols


Known as the enlightened or awakened one, Buddha reminds us that the secret to happiness can be found within. Once we accept ourselves, our power and wisdom are limitless.


Known as the remover of obstacles, the elephant-headed Hindu deity Ganesh offers support to those facing difficult situations.


A symbol of protection, the hamsa, hand, is said to bring its wearer happiness, luck, health, peace, and prosperity.


Symbolizing life's immeasurable possibilities, the infinity is a sign of empowerment, everlasting love and eternity.

Tree of Life

The tree of life symbolizes the fullness and abundance of life through community, love, strength, personal growth, family and friendship.


OM is the Sanskrit symbol that represents the vibration that all living beings share.  OM embodies the idea that we are all interconnected.


Growing out of the depths of muddy water into a beautiful, pristine flower, the lotus is a symbol of our own human experience. We travel through life, at times through experiences of challenge and darkness, but we arrive on the other side, stronger, wiser, and with a beautiful fresh perspective.

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