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Liza Lalita Lee Sati Gems Hawaii



It can be traced back to a timeless childhood moment. When I close my eyes, I am instantly there, running through a maze of incense-scented alleys in villages in India, where roadside snacks tease my taste buds with flavors of cloves and cardamom. Where cows roam freely in the streets, places where every day is an excuse for a celebration. Where women that’s who stands out in my mind, the women! -- both simple and flamboyant, take to the streets in festive color, draped in bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and rings, walking gracefully beside giant, plodding elephants, themselves decorated royally in beaded silks, tassels, and ornaments. As a girl, my destiny found me standing in this gorgeous, swirling chaos, melodramatic. These sights, flavors, and sounds wove themselves into the fiber of my early life.


Years later, I attended and graduated from The Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A) and earned my Graduate Gemologist Degree.  With a prestigious career at one of the most renowned jewelry shops in the world, I continued to savor not just those childhood memories, but what they symbolized for me: the joy of being a woman, and celebrating womanhood with beautiful meaningful adornment. More than that, the unique, all-encompassing sensory vibrancy of those early experiences tugged at my mind, body, and soul in a way best encapsulated in the word Sati. During my travels, I became enamored with the concept of Sati. The term is best simplified as a state of observant awareness that allows the pure essence of the self to connect harmoniously with one’s external surroundings.

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I made a difficult decision to leave a steady and successful job of ten years to stay home and raise my sons and to embark on a venture that could no longer be denied. I set out to travel the world and to return to India. I feel the most alive and connect to my true self and India speaks to my soul. Collecting treasures of healing gemstones to create my own jewelry line, that embodies the essence of Sati that celebrates womanhood with beautiful adornments and memories. 

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Now over 30 years of living in Hawaii, I continue to live in Kailua, on the beautiful Island of Oahu, with my 3 sons, husband, 2 dogs, and 5 rabbits!  My inspiration comes from tropical surroundings of flowers, stunning blue oceans and the mountain ranges were I spend my free time hiking, I am always connected to nature. 

Over the years, I continued to study yoga, Ayurveda, aromatherapy, deepened my meditation practice, learned about the healing properties of gemstones, and continued to work in the jewelry industry for many more years. Yet, I was not fully satisfied for different reasons and was unsure how I could help others doing what I love. Then one day, I finally had an ah-ha moment. I decided to become an Advanced Certified Crystal Healer and join the two, healing with gemstones and make jewelry that people enjoy, knowing that they are healing a part of themselves by wearing the pieces I design and create. I feel satisfied and blessed to know that what I love doing somehow helps another on their journey through life.

My desire is to share that essence of Sati, through lovingly and ethically handmade jewelry . Each piece is inspired by my life’s journey, east meets Island life, with care and joy. My mission is to share all that I have experienced and all that I have learned on my vibrant journey with you.

Sati Gems Hawaii, A mission-based lifestyle brand that you can support and follow for inspiration, jewelry with a healing purpose that you wear to accentuate your inner and outer beauty.

 Aloha & Namaste 

Liza Lalita Lee G.G.ACPC 


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