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Keep Calm During The Holidays

3 Easy Tips to Help You Keep Calm During the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Time for Christmas decorations in October, overeating at Thanksgiving and long lines at the checkout. Kidding! Of course, we LOVE celebrating with friends and family. So if you’re feeling like the Holidays may bring more stress than fun, here are my tips to help you stay sane during this, or any time of the year. 

Meditation/ Prayer 

I’m not suggesting you spend your day sitting on a pillow, chanting to yourself endlessly while neglecting your To-Do list. But I would recommend that self-care should be at the top of that list. And meditation/ prayer is a lovely form of self-care. 

Because none of this matters if we can’t be present and of healthy mind and soul for our loved ones. So try to find moments in your day where you can tune in and zone out for a little while, It’s okay to do nothing and just be. There are plenty of apps that can guide you through a quick meditation practice. My favorite is: Insight Timer 

Also, consider adding essential oils on your body and into a diffuser during your meditation at home for added bliss to your senses.  

Healing Gemstones

(You knew I’d recommend this one, right?) Wearing as an accessory or carrying certain types of gemstones can help keep you calm in a number of ways. For example, amethyst calms the mind and aids meditation. Rose quartz promotes self-love and protects relationships. Pearl enhancing personal integrity and focusing one’s attention, pearl enables one to open up and discover the purpose of their “true self”.And tiger eye minimizes stress and brings good luck.

Read More about the healing aspects of gemstones Click Here 

As a graduate gemologist, I’d love to help you learn more about the healing power of gemstones. Just reach out. 

Family and Friends

Chances are pretty high that you’re not the only one in your family and in your circle of close friends that has feelings of anxiety or stress around this time of the year. So reach out to a girlfriend and treat her to a cup of coffee. Or call your aunt or cousin for a good ol’ chat. Connecting with others is especially important during a busy time. Conversation or good company is a great cure for stress. 

Holidays come and go in what seems like an instant. But your health and wellness are here all year round. So consider giving yourself a little boost either through meditation, aromatherapy, healing gemstones or with a little help from your friends. 

I wish you peace and joy today and always. 



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