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Learn about sustainable jewelry what is it? and how you can help.

 How you can help 

The resources of the earth are limited while people are increasingly calling out for sustainability. In this age of sustainable development, we cannot neglect sustainable metals and gemstones; it gives rise to a new movement in support of sustainable jewelry.

Let's start with a brief explanation of sustainable jewelry.

Sustainability: What is it?

Sustainability or sustainable development are concepts that advocates the satisfaction of human needs with minimum or reduced environmental and social impact on the planet. It consists of making sure all manufacturing practices are carried out in favor of the ecosystem and the social development of the people.

The idea is to maintain a functional environment full of opportunities, where we ensure that resources are used correctly. It does not seek to exploit resources, but to take advantage of them correctly, ensuring that both the economy and environment are supported in the future.

Sustainable Jewelry: How can it influence the planet?

Jewelry has been an important part of human civilization from the beginning. We see records of armed conflicts around the world for natural riches. Even today, there are illegal exploitations of valuable jewels in several warzones around the world.

Sustainable Jewelry and gemstones ensure that the materials come from legal and ethical sources. Some of the unsustainable techniques in practice are:


Mines destroy ecosystems by affecting the land. In fact, the bad practice of mining can lead to deforestation of entire forests and destruction of local flora, wildlife as well as an impact of food and medicine resources.

Environmental pollution

Companies without ethics use a large number of chemicals, such as cyanide to extract minerals from the soil. These chemicals affect the soil, air, and water in the vicinity.

Native displacement

Many of the minerals and precious stones are extracted in indigenous lands. Due to the high ecological impact and aggressive exploitation of the lands, the indigenous communities must move to survive.

Labor exploitation

Some companies take advantage of cheap labor to give zero financial compensation to workers. In the worst-case scenarios, some companies even exploit child labor in the mining work.

Why should you choose sustainable jewelry?

Sustainable jewelry offers love, care, affection and benefits for everyone.

Our Pledge

While traveling to far-flung countries, I personally collect natural gemstones, beads, and talismans. At Sati Gems Hawaii we are committed to using reclaimed precious metals and high - quality natural gemstones, luminous pearls, and shells. We work closely with small fair-trade family-owned businesses when sourcing our gems and materials, with special care towards the environment and people. SHOP to find our magnificent collection of sustainable gemstones jewelry. Metals that are used in Sati Gems Hawaii jewelry pieces are, sterling silver, 14kt gold-filled and gold vermeil (real 14kt. gold over sterling silver)

 No "war diamonds"

Precious stones and minerals have been a great protagonist in war zones in different countries. Taking advantage of extreme poverty in these localities can exploit people to extract precious stones and minerals.

Your contribution to ecological change

Sustainable companies use techniques that do not affect or have very little effect on the environment. In addition, these companies are aware of the environmental impact of mineral extraction, which is why they contribute to reforestation, proper recycling and reuse of materials.

Aloha & Namaste

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