Healing Aquamarine Gemstone Gold Flower of Life Necklace

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 Courage - Communication - Creativity 

Slip on this handcrafted unique gold vermeil Flower of Life, a necklace that is balanced with gorgeous faceted ocean blue, Aquamarine gemstones, and feel the cooling effect. Perfect to add to your collection this summer. Due to the scarcity of stones, few are available.  Adjustable gold-filled chain up to L. 17in. Exclusive Sati Gems Hawaii Design 

Aquamarine Throat chakra. Stone of Courage and Protection as well as a  stone of reasoning and serenity, allows you to master the expression of clear, positive communication. A calming stone worn for safe travels. Birthstone for Pisces

The Flower of Life is a sacred geometry shape. The Flower of Life starts with the Seed of Life shape: 7 overlapping circles that build outward, forming a flower-like pattern that has been used since ancient times in many cultures around the world. The Flower of Life symbolizes creation and the unity of everything. Connect with the flower of life and connect with your creativity and sacred heart space.

Due to the handmade nature, length and shape may vary slightly, and because we use natural gemstones the stones may vary in shape, size, and color. 

Made with Love & Aloha