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Meaningful Moments

Each piece of jewelry from Sati Gems is carefully crafted to embody the essence of mindfulness and is named after the Sanskrit word for "mindfulness". Jewelry that is designed for you, the wearer to connect with times and moments in your life, allowing you to find the mindfulness and awareness in the present moment.

Daily Rituals

Do you have rituals that make you feel ready to face the world and what lies ahead? 

So what’s a ritual anyway and how can it impact your day? 

Rituals are symbolic behaviors we perform before, during and after a meaningful event. People engage in rituals with the intention of achieving a wide set of desired outcomes as some claims state that engaging in ritualistic behavior increases self-confidence. 

Rituals are often markers or catalysts for energetic shifts. They also assist in the renewal of self, support, connection within the community and keeping tradition alive in a conscious way. On many levels, rituals help us become more in tune with what is truly meaningful. 

I’ve practiced one ritual over the years - I always travel with specific pieces of jewelry because they bring me comfort and make me feel safe.


Here are examples of how jewelry can be used in your daily rituals to help you feel confident, motivated, grounded and present in your life.

  • Jewelry makes you feel put together, ready to show up to get things done.
  • Jewelry makes you feel beautiful.
  • Healing gemstone jewelry provides such a wonderful attunement, why not feel their gentle healing energy?
  • Jewelry is a silent communicator and carrier of intentions.
  • Putting on jewelry is an act of self-care and a chance to be present, mindful and slow down for a moment or two. Notice how you feel and choose jewelry that best matches your mood, or what you need to support you for the day.
  • Jewelry invokes feelings of joy  
  • Jewelry is worn for comfort, safety, and protection 
  • It’s a simple yet luxurious feeling to wear your favorite pieces. 

Your healing gemstone ritual is your own. Set your intentions for what you want in your life. Use gemstone healing rituals to heal from broken love, to manifest love, to feel more beautiful, or to just create more abundance in your life. 

Enjoy your rituals and your beautiful jewelry! The two go hand in hand (or neck in neck, or… - you get the idea) I would love to hear about your rituals. 

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